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Related post: Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 08:13:16 -0400 From: The Mariner Subject: Paul's Christmas Holiday #7_____________________________________________________________________________WARNING: This is a gay fantasy about young gay men and homosexual acts. If your are not of thai nude pre teen legal age to be reading this material or you do not approve, please exit now. pre teen russian sites Thanks for your consideration. _____________________________________________________________________________UPDATE: Paul and Reid left his upstairs apartment and Reid pre teen tit fucking started to open the bar. His front bartender came in and Reid introduced him to Paul. As the young man walked away, he was gazing at him when he heard Reid warning him that the young man was pre teen swimming galleries spoken for. Paul did not say anything, but he did not like being watched that closely.A little later, Jerry walked in and sat next pre teen lesbian to Paul taking a mug of coffee that Reid had fixed. He spoke briefly and low as Reid was close by. He asked Paul if everything was okay and expressed the hope that he might have gotten a pre teen pictures illegal call during the evening. Jerry stopped talking when Reid turned their way. Refilling their cups he mentioned the weather and Jerry remarked that young pre teen nudist he would not be staying long.Paul asked Jerry if he would show him the subway entrance and Jerry agreed to show free pre teen creampie him. Paul looking at Reid said he should be going in case it starts to snow again asking if pictures pre teen fuck he could call him later.Reid does not like Paul leaving and tells him he had better leave as he didn't want to get snowed in and not be able to get back, telling Paul to use the bar number to call him.As Paul pre teen petite models and Jerry left, Reid said nothing and did not shake Paul's hand. As they left, Paul heard Jerry n n pre teens mutter "oh shit".Out of sight, Paul asks him about this and they both go to a restaurant around the pre teen in underware corner to eat. Paul was hungry. They both talked over the evening and events. Jerry knew almost exactly what had happened and told Paul he had been through it but had not let naturalist pre teen Reid have his way with him. They were still friends and Jerry thought it probably was because of his refusal that they were. Jerry invited Paul to stop at his apartment in Charlestown and he accepted...they headed to the subway. ____________________________________________________________________________Walking down the steps into pre teen incest videos the subway, they little pre teens nudes caught the train to Charlestown. Neither one spoke because of the noise.Paul followed Jerry's lead and they exited the train at the right exit. Paul noticed the directions to the Naval brazil pre teens Shipyard as they were coming out of the pre teen modeling art subway.Pointing down the street, Jerry said "see it is only about 4 blocks to the gate." Turning they walked up the street avoiding the deep ruts in the icy snow that had not been cleaned up by kiddy porn pre teen the city.Reaching a four story brownstone building with wide steps, Jerry turned and said "this is home, up one flight." They went up the steps and after Jerry unlocked the door stepped into the warm interior of a nicely kept building. Steps on the right of the entrance, Jerry headed up pre teen baby rompl the one flight, Paul following.Reaching the second floor landing, Paul noticed one apartment to the right and one to the sexy pre teen feet left. Jerry turned to the left and walked to free pre teens models his door #2A and unlocked it motioning Paul to follow.Stepping inside, he heard Jerry saying "take your coat off Paul and I will get some coffee started unless you want something else?"Paul answered "no, coffee is okay Jerry. Nice place you have pre teen girl pix here." Paul surveyed the pre teen forbidden sex small pre teen tits interior of a neat, clean simply decorated room. There was a hide-a-bed in the far corner that had not been made up but other then that everything seemed to be where it should be. Two door led off into what he figured was the bath and kitchen.Jerry walked out of one doorway saying "small but I like it. Not as fancy as pre teen school girls Reid's but it is home for me." He instantly regretted saying that and started to apologize.Paul stopped him with "I know what you mean Jerry and I like this fine."Jerry walked up to Paul and pressed his body against his. Jerry's head was just under Paul's chin as he said "just pre teenager porn pic a little shorter then you Paul as he lifted his face to Paul he wrapped his arms around his waist.Leaning down slightly, Paul pulled Jerry tighter against him as he kissed him pre teen pussy thumbs letting his tongue explore the depths of his mouth. He pre teens russian felt his cock starting to swell as he was met by Jerry's thrusting tongue and hips.Breaking their embrace, Jerry said "let me turn the coffee off." He turned and walked back into the kitchen returning quickly.As Jerry moved back towards Paul, he pre teen art started to unbutton his hottest pre teens shirt and Paul stopped him and he heard him say "let me pre teens fuck suck do that". Jerry dropped his hands seeing the huge bulge in Paul's crotch and felt his own cock straining against his clothing. Paul was unbuttoning the shirt slowly, his eyes looking into Jerry's as he did and his hands shook.Pulling the shirt out of the waist of his jeans, he pushed it back over his shoulders and topless pre teen girls it dropped to the floor. Jerry's undershirt was tucked tightly into pre teens naked his jeans and Paul could see the outline of his chest rising and falling at the excitement of being undressed, his eyes never leaving Paul's face. Jerry wanted to rip his and Paul's clothes off but he was pre teen brazilian sex enjoying being stripped slowly piece by piece.Paul pulled the shirt up and over Jerry's up stretched arms and let his gaze drop to his chest. Jerry dropped his arms and placed his hands on his hips, enjoying Paul gazing at his body. There was a light covering of hair over the breast bone dropping down between his beautifully sculpted pecs with their large brown tits and jutting nipples. The hair dropped down over his ripped stomach and disappeared into the waist of pre teen sexy videos his jeans. Jerry had a tight, leanly muscled body that he was very proud of. A light covering of fine hair on his forearms, a clean slightly squared jawed face with glittering grey eyes completed the picture of a very desirable young man.Paul reached for Jerry and breathing deeply, he pulled him towards him, his lips descending to those pre teen lollita beautiful nips standing out in excitement. Paul ran his pre teen heaven tongue over one and then the other and Jerry pushed his body closer to his searching mouth.Jerry felt the electricity of Paul's tongue touching his skin run through his body and inhaled deeply as he hissed between tightly clinched pre teen in pantie teeth "Paul, I'm sorry. It has been a long time and I can't wait much longer."As Paul heard Jerry, he undid the snap at his waist, unzipped the fly and sliding his fingers down Jerry's hips he slowly pushed his jeans and boxer shorts down as pre teen underwear m0dels he sucked on his nipples. Jerry was running his hands through Paul's hair as he felt his body being washed by wave anal lust pre teen after wave of excitement.Suddenly Jerry said "oh my pre teen softcore god", his cock snapped up from being depressed and slapped against his hard stomach.Paul looked down nude pre teenage as the cute hot pre teens jeans dropped to the floor and saw Jerry's smooth, clean uncut bullet headed 7" cock jutting out from its light brown nest bouncing and throbbing with a drop of pre-cum slipping from the tip. He took Jerry's hard buns in both hands and pulled him tight against his still clothed body, kissing him deeply. Jerry nymphet pre teen tgp tightened his body against Paul and felt his steel hard cock pressing against him.Pulling back, Jerry reached for pre teen jerk the hem of Paul's pre teen bikini movie sweater shocking pre teen nude and pulled it up exposing what he wanted to see and feel. Paul's muscled smooth torso, defined pectoral muscles and hard eight pack made him shiver and he felt Paul running his hands over his back as he undressed him.Jerry's hands shook as he reached for the snap at the waistband he saw Paul inhale sucking his stomach in as he undid the snap. Jerry slid the zipper down and excitedly he pushed downward and Paul's pre teen private pedo jeans and jockey's slid down revealing his soft dark pubic bush and the base of his thick uncut cock. Swiftly he pushed the clothing down and watched russian pre teenies as Paul's beautiful cock was exposed and snapped up against his hard stomach.Jerry inhaled deeply and excitedly as Paul gasped and huskily said "Ummmm Jerry hold me tight. I need to feel you holding me."Jerry clasped Paul tight and molded his body against his as he sucked and licked around Paul's tits and nipples. Paul gallery pre teen free groaned as he felt Jerry holding and nibbling at breasts and pulled him tighter.Breaking the porn pre teen forum embrace, Jerry pulled Paul beautiful pre teen model to the bed and they slipped between the sheets. Holding each other tightly and enjoying the feel of the heat from each other.With his head laying on Paul's chest, Jerry said "Paul are you alright with this, you and I being together?"Paul stroked Jerry's head and smiling asked " Why do you say that?"Lifting his head and virgin male pre teens pulling himself up on his elbow, Jerry looked at Paul and pre teen girls image said "I know what Reid is like and what he does too people. I just didn't want you to feel uncomfortable about being in bed with me or that I might feel like second fiddle, I don't feel that way. I don't want you to think that I am trying to take advantage of you after him."Jerry was running his hand over Paul's body and he could feel the nerve ends tingle as he did. Paul looked at pre teen legal images him for a long moment and ran his hand down the side of tiny pre teen tits his face."Jerry, you and Reid pre teen nude bald are two different people and if I had not wanted you, I would have not accepted your invitation to be here. I wanted you last night but you shied away and let Reid take over. Yeah, he is good looking, has everything that a lot of guys want but you are just as desirable to me as him. I doubt that I would ever get the chance with him again, not that I really want too. I have seen him, I have had him and he is fantastic but I don't like being overwhelmed and controlled by someone. I want to be wanted for myself without all of the other pre teen blowjobs trappings that I don't need. Does that make you feel better?"Laying his head back on Paul's beautiful chest, he didn't speak for a second or two. pre teen girls porno Whispering Jerry said 'yes pre teen sex pix Paul it does. pre teen guestbook I hear so many guys snickering that I always seem to get his leftovers and that pre teens nude pedo hurts. I want someone to want lola nude pre teen me the same way. russian pre teen I wanted you when I pre teen erected boys saw you last night. I came home and jerked off thinking of you."Turning towards each other, the ground their hips into each others groins and Paul said "Jerry, I want you and I want you too want me."He heard pre teen models anime Jerry groaning "I do Paul." Their lips met again and Paul slowly pushed him over onto his back as he ran his hand over his tightly muscled body running his pre teen nudist familys fingers pre teen women blowjob into his soft silky pubic hair feeling the base of Jerry's cock as it throbbed with every heart beat.Paul released Jerry's pre teen boy gallery lips and slowly nibbled his ear lobe and pre teen free samples kissed his neck as he slipped slowly down his chest. Paul's hand was holding and squeezing Jerry's balls inside their silkily hair covered sac, pulling them down and Jerry groaned as he did. With his tongue pre teens naked boys flicking in and out like a small dart, he felt Jerry tighten and relax as he went from each nipple and slowly down over his hard abs, his eyes gazing at the nude japanese pre teens prize he wanted and was waiting for him. Paul's cock throbbed and jerked as he slowly humped Jerry's soft pre-cum slick thigh.Jerry was running his hands through Paul's thick hair cute pre teen girls and moaning he pushed Paul's head down telling him "take me Paul, please take me. I need to feel my cock deep in your throat. pre teen naked girls Swallow me, please."With the push of his head downward, he felt Jerry's cock push at his lips and he opened his mouth and gripping the blood engorged head with his lips he slid pre teens gays the foreskin back as Jerry pushed and his hips rose to plunge his cock deep inside Paul's throat. Paul heard Jerry gasp and scream out "Oh god Paul, god almighty, take me, suck me deep, drain me please,please" Jerry felt the pressure building at the base of his cock, spreading up through his cock erotic pre teens art and body. The warm feeling of need and desire.Just as they were starting a rhythm, Paul felt Jerry pulling his head off of his cock and lifting him up he heard Jerry say "Paul swing your hips up this way, I want you at the same time you nn pre teenmodel take me. I want to feel your hard cock sliding down my throat and cumming deep inside of me, filling me."Paul swung his hips up filipino pre teen and his rock hard cock was pointed at pre teens angels Jerry for him to take. He slipped back down and had deep throated Jerry again when he felt his cock slip deep into his warm, wet, sucking mouth. Moaning, with Jerry's cock in his mouth, at the delicious feelings, he felt Jerry Limited pre teen too slam his hips into his face driving his cock deep into his throat gasping and gripping Paul's cock tight with his lips. Electric shocks ripped through his body as he felt Paul moaning and his nuts tightened as he felt like he would cum from the sensation.Slowly they both developed a rhythm and slipped into a pre teen girl images euphoric feeling of being one fed by the other. Needing naked pre teen pic and wanting the life giving force of each. Both massaged the sacs with their balls and contents trying to force the liquid they desired to come forth and fill them. Both pre teen 100 nude picture pre teen increased their tempo in unison and feeling the hard cocks they were trying too devour start to swell, lust controlled their bodies as they plunged deeper and deeper tasting the salty pre-cum that preceded the explosion that would release the cream they both needed. They needed to feel it flowing and filling them as bbs photo pre teen it was driven by the plunging pistons of hard flesh.Both men reached for the head of the other and holding it tightly in place their cocks drove unrelentingly as they felt pre teens nudist the rise of their juice and then the electric shock starting at their tightened nuts the crashing, gushing explosion of their cream at the pre teen nymphet pics same instance. They both held the other in place nipple pre teen as stream after stream of their hot, salty cream flowed down into the throats of both. Both were lost deep in desire and held tightly so as not to lose the other as their cum flowed and their bodies were feeling wave after wave of powerful heat flowing through every muscle.Slowly they descended from the heights they had reached and felt their cocks starting to soften. Using their throat muscles and lips they massaged the cocks and drained every drop of the precious fluid they had worked so hard for. Their bodies relaxed and they felt drained and exhausted but alive with the joy of having been made love to and with another they had desired.As Paul felt his cock slip from Jerry's lips he slipped around again and sliding pre teens in porno his body over Jerry's he kissed him long, slow pre teenage models and lovingly. Holding his eye's with his, he said very softly "that was beautiful, I felt like my body was trying to enter yours with the thrill that kept surging through my every muscle." Paul laid pre teen russians his face alongside very pre teen nudes of dutch pre teen porn Jerry and kissed his cheek gently.Turning his head slightly, Jerry nibbled on Paul's nose. Gazing at him he said "at first I was a little afraid I could not take you, you are not small. But after you pushed and I relaxed my throat muscles it felt like I was being filled and I wanted nasty pre teen xxx more and more of you. amature pre teen pics When you started to cum Paul, I was afraid I was pre teen boys cock going to nude pre teen modles lose some of it, you shot stream after stream and your cock in my throat was jerking and the cream was flowing. Wow!! I have never felt like you just made me feel."Paul slipped off of Jerry and ran his arm under his head, reaching around his neck to stroke his upper chest muscles. Jerry was running his hand up and down Paul's chest, feeling the smooth hardness with his fingers. They both slipped off to sleep uncovered. ______________________________________________________________________________At the bar Reid seethed with pre teens links anger at Jerry and vowed he would get even for leagel pre teen porn him taking Paul away from him the next time he came into the bar. Patrons of the bar could see he was angry and wondered what had happened...the snow started to fall again.Send comments to: porn gallery pre teen
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